2020/2021 WAEC/NECO Answers: 2020 neco Agric practical answers

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A-Knapsack sprayer
B-Head fork
C-Head pan
D-Ranging pole
(i)To avoid contamination
(ii)To avoid blockage of the pipe
(iii)To avoid cutting of the pipe
(ii)Planting of seed nursery
(iii)Spreading of fertilizer
(i)Metal surface
(ii)Handle metal
(iii)Hollow surface for loading
(i)Store in cool place
(ii)Avoid damage through breaking


E- It is a wood ash
F- It is a urea fertilizer

E- Lime material/potash
F- Nitrogen

Specimen E
(i) Lime
(ii) Quick lime
(iii) Potassium
Specimen F
(i) N.P.K fertilizer
(ii) Nitrate fertilizer
(iii) Manure

(i) It is used to improve sandy soil
(ii) It is used to reduce or neutralize soil acidity

(i) It may increase soil acidity
(ii) It can cause damage to plant
(iii) It can increase soil salinity


SPECIMEN G: Cowpea seeds
SPECIMEN H: Banana fruit 


Specimens G; The leaves and growth points can be picked and used as a vegetable dish
Specimens H; it regulates the movement of nutrients and waste products in and out of cells it can be use as food.

Specimens G; Seeds using the vine cuttings of flowering plants.
Specimens H; Rhizome using the root mat, serving as the point from which banana pseudostems grow. 

Specimens G
(ii)Damping off disease

Specimens H

Specimen G
(i)Storage; Store in a cool dry place for future use and consumption
(ii)Packing; they are packed after harvesting as whole hands, part hands or clusters in cardboard cartons with plastic liners. 
Specimen H
(i)Packing; they are packed after harvesting as whole hands, part hands or clusters in cardboard cartons with plastic liners. 
(ii)Packaging; they are packaged after harvesting in other words Bananas are packed in 13kg cartons in hands, clusters and singles.

I-Poultry droppings
J-Tilapia fish

(i)It can cause algae boom
(ii)It prevents the penetration of lights into the water body
(iii)It can reduce the oxygen content
(iv)It causes pollution of the water body

(i)It can increase the soil nutrients/organisms
(ii)It is used to feed livestocks eg cattles
(iii)It is used to replenish lost soil

(i)Improper refuse/sewage disposal
(ii)Dumping of contaminated items

(i)Source of food to the farm animals
(ii)It improves soil nutrients
(iii)For production of fertilizers

(i)Regular changing of water
(ii)Regular sanitation
(iii)Avoidance of feeding the fishes with high proteinous feeds
(iv)Regular/Early harvesting


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