2020/2021 WAEC/NECO Answers: 2020 NEco Gce answers. Agricultural Science

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This is actually the 2019 NEco Gce answers. Agricultural Science Answers as questions sent to our subscribers on WHATSAPP, if you are looking for 2020 WAEC/NECO Answers midnight before the exam, try contacting us.

(i) Place a soil sample on the aluminium dish
(ii) Apply heat to dry the sample soil
(iii) Weigh the the soil sample after drying
(iv) Weigh the aluminium dish to determine the weight of the soil sample

(i) Retort stand
(ii) Bunsen burner
(iii) Aluminium dish

Mass of empty dish = 29g
Mass of dish + fresh soil = 42g
Mass of dish + dry soil = 39g
% moisture content of soil = Mass of water/Mass of fuel soil × 100/1
Mass of fresh soil = 42 - 29 = 13g
Mass of water = 39 - 29 = 10g
= 10/13 × 100/1 = 76.92%

(i) Sediment particles are small
(ii) Low pore spice present
(iii)capillaries are high

(i) Crop rotation practice
(ii) Irrigation

Specimen H: bird nail
Specimen I: is feather

H: hawk
I: guinea fowl

(i)through boiled water
(ii)hand picking

(i)during processing for food
(ii)for industrial use

(i)for it protection
(ii)for it locomotion
(iii)for it incubation of eggs

A - Knapsack sprayer
B - Axe
C - Sickle

Specimen B:
(i) possession of wooden handle
(ii) possession of metal blade

Specimen C:
(i) It consist of a curved metal blade
(ii) It usually have short wooden handle

(i) Use protective clothing when spraying
(ii) Do not smoke, eat or drink when spraying

A - It can be used to apply liquids such as fertilisers, herbicides and fungicides

B - It is used to shape, split and cut wood

C - It is used for harvesting or reaping grain crops

(i) Grease metal part before storage
(ii) Clean after use
(iii) Store in a cool, dry place

Specimen E: Onion
Specimen F: okra
Specimen G: beans

Specimen E: Allium cepa
Specimen F: Abelmoschus esculentus
Specimen G: Phaseolus vulgaris


Spacing required of specimen E is 30cm by 30cm

It is propagated by seed

(i)it ensure the maximum used of land
(ii)beans supply nutrient necessary for specimen G to grow well


(i)blight disease
(ii)rosette disease




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