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Human rights are moral principles or norms that describe certain standards of human behaviour and are regularly protected as natural and legal rights in municipal and international law 


(i) Every individual and group  should be conscious of their right as citizens and be ready to claim it at any point in time

(ii) Every individual and group  should be ready to acquire knowledge about human rights

(iii) Individuals should participate in joining human rights groups to promote respect for all human rights

(iv) They should participate in casting their vote during election to political parties which believe in protection of human rights

(v) Have respect for the right of their fellow individuals should not participate in abusing the rights of other people

(vi) Individuals should participate in group support to human rights abuse victims



Youth  empowerment is a process where children and young people are encouraged to take charge of their lives.  


(i) It makes for the transfer of skills and work ethics

(ii) It gives or adds meaning to life, especially as one is given a position of authority or as one commands respect.

(iii) It helps to reduce crime rate; when someone has a skill to trade, he misses the chances of engaging in anti-social behaviors.

(iv) It leads to self-employment and rapid industrialization.



(i) Payment of taxes : Citizens are expected to pay their taxes as at when due. 

(ii) Dignity of Labour : It is the right and obligation of a citizen to show interest, seriousness and being conversant with works.

(iii) Environment Sanitation : It is the duty and obligation of a citizen to take part in the sanitation exercise of his or her community. 

(iv) Obedience to rules and regulations : It is important for a good citizen to obey the rules and regulations of a given state in which he or she resides. 

(v) Promotion Of National unity : It is the duty and obligation of a citizen to help foster national unity of the county at all times.



Public service is a body of professional administrators who help the executive aim of government  policies and programmes. 


(i) Corruption: Some civil servants accept bribes and some sort of cut bank before they discharge their duties for them to make private gains.

(ii) Nepotism and Tribalism 

This is where undue advantage is given to people from their family, village and ethnic group ahead of others when it comes to recruitment, promotion and training. 

(iii) Inconsistency of government policies : Since civil service is permanent and neutral in nature, they are obliged to executive the policies of different government. 

(iv) Colonial Influence: The structure of public service in Nigeria is patterned in line with British public service structure. 

(v) Over staffing and negative attitude to work: Some of our ministries are overstaffed and this makes the over head cast to increase unnecessarily. 

(vi) Political Influence: The political institution usually try to exercise their power by influencing the public service



Popular participation can be defined as the active involvement of citizens in the socio-political activities of a country. It can also be seen as the practice of involving the citizens in the governance of their country and in deciding important socio-cultural, political and economic matters.


(i) Wearing a button or putting a sticker on the car or writing letters to elected representatives

(ii) Participating in a political discussion and campaign schedule

(iii) Attending meetings to gain information, discuss issues, or lend support

(iv) Looking for information in newspapers, magazines, and reference materials and judging its accuracy

(v) Voting in local, state, and national elections

(vi) Demonstrating through marches, boycotts, sit-ins, or other forms of protest


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