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Literature Obj







(i)Fear: is the dominant emotion that the novel’s protagonist Bigger feels. Fear results from the lack of power to control one’s own situation. The protagonist  of Native Son is especially fearful of white people and the power they wield over him ordinary white people, wealthy white people, white people who control the legal and justice system. Fear also leads to terrible and unintended consequences; the protagonist’s fear leads him to hurt his friends and even murder two women.

(ii)Race: Everything Bigger does in Native Son has a relationship to the color of his skin. Why? Because whites control the labor, legal, religious, educational, and social institutions that dictate where and how the protagonist, a black man, can live, where he can work or go to school, and what he can or cannot do with his life. The protagonist feels like whites live in the pit of his stomach, because his stomach is where he feels fear, shame, hopelessness  and whites are the ones who control these emotions since they control his life.

(iii)power: The world in Native Son is divided between those who have power (white people) and those who do not (black people). Power is intimately connected to race. However, it is also connected to wealth, as we see clearly with the Capitalist vs. Communist fight played out in the courthouse and in society at large. So who rules the roost? Wealthy white people, of course. Much of this novel highlights the injustice of power being wielded by this single, privileged group.


1) The novel Faceless opens with fourteen year old Fofo sleeping on an old cardboard at the Agbogbloshie market. In her sleep, she dreamt of living in a home with a roof and a toilet, a dream shared by other street children like her.

She is woken up suddenly by Poison, a street lord who attempts to rape her. Fofo resists him and runs to Odarley, her best friend who lives in a rented wooden shack. Fofo’s mother, Maa Tsuru informed Fofo, that her elder sister, Baby T was dead and that Poison threatened her into silence over Baby T’s death and urged Fofo to leave for her safety.

Kabria, a mother of three children, who lives neighbourhood in Accra and works with MUTE a non-governmental agency runs into Fofo at the Agbloghoshie market while shopping for vegetables. Kabria stands with other spectators at the spot where Baby T’s body was found when Fofo,  tries to steal her purse. She rescues her from the angry mob. Fofo reveals her identity and tells Kabria that Baby T was her sister. MUTE got interested in Baby T’s matter and granted Fofo protection by taking her into temporal custody while conducting investigations regarding Baby T’s death.


2) In sharp contrast to the life in Sodom and Gomorrah is Kabria’s life with her family. A mother of three lively children- Obea, Essie and Ottu, she lived in a decent neighbourhood in Accra, worked with MUTE a non-governmental agency and drove a problematic old car nick-named Creamy. She ran into Fofo at the Agbloghoshie market while shopping for vegetables. Kabria was standing with other spectators at the spot where Baby T’s body was found when Fofo, disguising as a boy tried to steal her purse. Kabria rescued her from the    angry mob. Fofo revealed her female identity and told Kabria that Baby T was her sister. Meanwhile, a lot of people had been made to believe that the dead girl (Baby T) was a kayayoo(a market porter from the north) to conceal her true identity and discourage further enquiry into her death. MUTE (the non-governmental organisation where Kabria worked) got interested in Baby T’s matter and granted Fofo protection by taking her into custody temporarily while conducting investigations into the circumstances surrounding Baby T’s death.

The circumstances surrounding Baby T’s death was revealed through two main sources: Fofo and investigations by MUTE.



Kufi village as a traditional community

In a typical African society where women are treated as objects, it is almost normal, if not normal, to see widows being encapsulated in victimization, marginalization and ill treatment by members of such society who claim to act  within the confines of some barbaric laws and tradition of that society. This inhumane act leaves these  widows in a pitiable state, and those who can't endure the torture, join their deceased husbands afterwards. However, amidst such unpleasant circumstance, few women still summon up courage to defend themselves even with the last drop of their blood. These women, most times, emerge victorious in their fight against society.

The above assertion is evident in Bayo Adebowale's Lonely Days as it showcases the unpleasant circumstances which come with being a widow within the context of a Yoruba community in the western part of Nigeria. The novel shows the horrible traditional widows' rite women go through after the death of their husbands just to prove their innocence. With Yaremi being the most victim, the rights of other widows (Fayoyin, Dedewe and Radeke) are trampled upon by the custodians of tradition. These widows are denied access to better life, and at worst, thrown into outer loneliness. Although Yaremi has been a friend of loneliness since the death of her husband, she is a strong resistance to societal dominance. Her unshaken refusal to abide by the custom and tradition of her society makes her distinct from other widows.

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