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He was a white man, falsely presented by Soko that the gods wanted the village to accept. Soko presented his coming as a means to enrich the village through the tobacco farm. He used gin, tobacco and hard drug on people in order to deceive them. He saw Kindo as an obstacle and planned to kill him. He wanted to rape Wara; His plan worked well when he sent Parker to kill Soko and knowing that Kindo will kill Parker. In other words, he is a greedy dictator who arrogantly believes he can deceive the entire land into granting him access to its diamond. whitehead lies to the king and his people, that he is in Mandoland to cultivate tobacco. He died in the hand of kindo.


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An old-fashioned gentleman who owns an old house in the countryside, Hardcastle is stuck in his ways and despises modern trends. He fought in the War of Spanish Succession and likes to tell stories of his time during the war. He is protective of his daughter, Kate, indulgent to his wife, Mrs. Hardcastle, and disapproves of his unpolished and rowdy step-son, Tony. Even though he dislikes modern society and leads a relatively isolated life, he does not wish to be thought of as an irrelevant old fogey. Hardcastle expects to be treated with respect by everyone he meets, so he is appalled by the ill-treament he receives from his friend Sir Charles’s son, Marlow. Hardcastle may be eccentric, but he is fair-minded. Therefore, when he sees that his wife’s lies are preventing Tony, Constance, and Hastings from finding happiness, he reveals the truth they need to know to be freed to make their own ways in the world without her interference.


(Answer only ONE from this section)
(i) Clash Of Culture: The poem also shows that two distinct cultures cannot stay together as any such attempt will result to conflict of norms, traditions and believes. For instance, as many analyst has proposed, the conflicts in Nigeria that appear in the forms of ethnicity(tribalism), favoritism, nepotism, nonchalant attitude to public work and so on, is as a result of the incompatibility of the three major tribes in Nigeria and the many others. However, irrespective of these abnormalities, Nigeria still calls for unity in diversity. In other words the voice of the poem described his past rural African background as simple as drums beats while his present and upcoming urbanized Western lifestyle as difficult as the wailing tones of a piano. 

(ii) Dilemma: The features in the poem, while the poet speaks glowingly of african culture, he also finng european culture, despite its shortcomings, seductive. Thus he is unable to dwcide whether to let go of the inherited culture or embrace the new one this is the plight of many educated africans today. many have however resolved this delimma by taking from the two cultures in what has come to be known as cultual syncretism. In other words wandering in the mystic rhythm of jungle drums and the concerto because he didn't know which culture to totally embrace. He preferred the simple rural life but it was also impossible to let go of the civilisation he had got unto despite it was complex and confusing.


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The Schoolboy" is a poem written by William Blake. This poem speaks of how a schoolboy absolutely loves summer but he loaths the idea of going to class during it. Once at school, the boy simply wishes he was at home and waits "many an anxious hour" for it to end. He's basically saying that how can people be happy when they are always stuck somewhere they don't want to be. We should be doing something full of happiness and joy so that we can grow and blossom.
This poem is written in six stanzas with five lines in each one. The rhyme scheme is ABABB. The syllables of each line changes throughout the poem. Some have six, some have eight, some have nine, and some even have ten. However, it is written in trochaic foot. In Other words his song of experience goes on a love grand. I love to rise in a summer morn, When the birds sing on every tree; The distant huntsman winds his horn, And the skylark sings with me: O what sweet company!.

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