2020/2021 WAEC/NECO Answers: 2020 waec Animal husbandry practical

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- For growth
- Repair of worn out tissues
- For meat egg and milk formation
- Production of enzymes and hormones

- Blood meal
- Grownnut cake
- Cotton cake (cotton seed)

- For egg production
- For source of income
- For provision of meat
- Manure

- Regular supply of water
- Sanitation/Hygiene
- Vaccination


(i) It is used as disinfectant for external wounds
(ii) It is used to boost metabolism and aid in weight loss

(i) Cleaning
(ii) Slaughtering
(iii) Gutting
(iv) Slicing

(i) Make sure the razor blade is sharp
(ii) Keep away from your hand or that of others
(iii) Always wear protective gloves

(i) It takes time to castrate
(ii) It can be contaminated because the razor is not sterilize
(iii) The castration is not usually smooth

(i) Scalpel
(ii) Knife
(iii) Surgical blade


(i) Eggs in pasture
(ii) miricidium (larva)
(iii) sporocyst (Adult)

(ii)indigestion | metabolic disorder
(iii)retarded growth
(iv)inflammation of liver

(i)avoid grazing in flooded area
(ii)treat sick animal with drugs
(iii)treat open water bodies



- Yoghurt
- Powdered Milk

- Hygiene milking process
- Should be sterilized (boiled)

- Grinding of foods
- Aids digestion

-It consist of thick wall membranes
-It consist grain sand particles


- They move away from the bulb
- They stay scattered

- They stay closer to the bulb
- They stay in cluster

- Normal feeding occurs
- They tend to exercise


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