2020/2021 WAEC/NECO Answers: 2020 Waec Gce. Civic Education

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(i)To educate the citizens on their Right and duties
(ii)to make the citizens aware of what is happening in the country
(iii)to help the citizens participate I. The political government affairs of the country
(iv)to educate the citizens on the laws of the land
(v)to make the citizens to avoid reporting politics mistakes made in the past
(i) Volunteer to support democratic institutions (League of Women Voters).
(ii)Express concern about the welfare of the community as a whole (environment, public health and safety, education).
(iii)Help to make the community a good place to work and live (by becoming involved with public service organizations, tutoring, volunteering in nursing homes).
(iv)democratic society requires the active participation of its citizens.
(v)citizens help the community service to gain  skills. These skills can range from teaching to medicine to construction and more.

Section B

(i)Contracted between broken skin
(ii)Contracted by wounds
(iii)Contracted by mucous membranes
(i)Low levels of access: to antiretroviral treatment remains an issue for people living with HIV, meaning that there are still many AIDS-related deaths in Nigeria.
(ii)Punitive laws against: homosexuality mean that men who have sex with men face difficulties accessing HIV services.
(iii)Nigeria also has the fourth largest tuberculosis epidemic in the world, with HIV and TB co-infection now becoming an increasing concern for people living with HIV.

 Section C

(i)Lack of trust in governance. This is different from the dislike of politicians. In this case, this is an issue of not believing in the way of governance and lacking the interest to see governance improve. Most people also have lost hope of a better governance and therefore a reason for their political apathy.
(ii)Campaign violence. Due to the level of violence that always occur during the build-up to elections, most people stay away from electoral process for the safety of their lives. Also, the violence was seen during campaign always damage the credibility of most political parties and their candidates among the people. And because of this, the level of political apathy keeps growing.
(iii)Lack of credible candidate. Since the beginning of the post-military era, there has been a continuous cycle of politicians. People do not have so many options from which they vote.
(iv)Weak security measures during elections. Most people believe that their votes are not secured during elections. This is as a result of the history of election rigging, snatching of ballot boxes, disruption of voting centres by thugs, etc. And as a result, people don’t participate in the voting process.
(v)The popular belief that the votes don’t count. Most Nigerians believe that their vote do not count. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of Nigerian always refuse to turn out for voters registration. And during elections, most decide to stay back at home because of the general feeling and belief that their votes will have no impact on the outcome of the election

(9a) Public service is a service which is provided by government to people living within its jurisdiction, either directly (through the public sector) or by financing provision of services.

(i) Use of code of conduct bureau and public complaints commission : Government should establish some disciplinary codes of conduct which will watch the affairs of public servants.
(ii) Teaching political education in schools : The introduction of political education into the school curriculum like the learning of civic education, government, diplomacy and other political thoughts to all levels of education.

(iii)  Refresher of courses and training programmes : The introduction of fresher courses and training programmes home and abroad for public servants on the various skills they need to improve their jobs and Nigeria.

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