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Joseph second dream was  that he would even reign over his parents, which went beyond the idea that he would just receive the blessing from his father, but that he would become a national leader. His brothers were furious. Joseph Dreams the two dreams, he told his brothers, which caused their extreme anger, which led to his later imprisonment and suffering. Why would he do such a thing, knowing how angry they would get? Some think that Joseph had been spoiled to the point where he was completely insensitive to how his words would affect others. But others point out that in that day, when a person had a clear vision from God, he was expected to share it with others, no matter how it impacted his own life. Joseph had told Pharaoh later when he had two dreams with the same message that “the matter had been firmly decided by God, and God would do it soon” (Genesis 41:32). If Joseph believed that his own two dreams were sure to happen, he probably felt obligated to tell others. Joseph’s statement to Pharaoh that when one has two dreams, God would be sure to act on on them soon is loaded with irony. At the time Joseph said those words, he had been living in a dungeon for more than two years, and the two dreams in his own life had gone unfulfilled for 13 years. During that time he had been sold into slavery, sent to prison under false charges, and hadn’t seen his family in years. The fact that Joseph could be so sure of God’s answers after years of waiting is a tremendous testimony to his faith. More importantly, if Joseph had given up on God’s answers to dreams during that time, he wouldn’t have interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams, and he wouldn’t have been given the authority to rule that finally caused the fulfillment of his own dreams!


(i)Principled; he had character and integrity. He was honest. He was tempted at multiple times, and he resisted.

(ii)Humble; the power and prestige of his position working for Pharaoh never changed him.

(iii)Disciplined; Joseph had the proper long term perspective, even while in jail for a crime he didn’t commit.

(iv)Faithfulness; while in jail and throughout all of the turmoil, Joseph remained faithful to God and never wavered from his commitment to follow Him.


(i) Prayers of Adoration: A prayer of adoration is a prayer that praises God’s goodness and majesty.

(ii) Prayers of Confession: A prayer of confession is a searching prayer of the heart. When we confess, we bare our souls before God about our sins and shortcomings.

(iii) Prayers of Thanksgiving

A prayer of thanksgiving is a prayer that recognizes the good things God gives us and offers thanks for them: our lives, our health, our families, and our faith.

(iv) Prayers of Supplication: A prayer of supplication is a prayer that lifts up requests before God. Supplications are often divided between those requests we make for ourselves (petitions) and those requests we make on behalf of other people (intercessions).


[Pick Any THREE]

(i) Prayer draws us closer to God

(ii) Prayer Helps You Understand God’s Will

(iii) Prayer Builds Your Confidence

(iv) Prayer Brings Peace Of Mind

(v) Prayer Brings Us Towards Forgiveness


The Prophet Elijah pronounced a drought on Israel as punishment for the things Jezebel was doing so there was no rain for three and a half years. There was famine on the land. In reaction, Jezebel tried to kill all the prophets of God. Obadiah was the man in charge of King Ahab’s household. While Jezebel sought God’s prophets to destroy them, Obadiah also determined to save them. He hid one hundred prophets of God in caves, fifty per cave and fed them with bread and water every day.  Ahab sent Obadiah to go through the land and help locate any pasture so that they might save the king’s animals from perishing. It was on this mission that Obadiah encountered Prophet Elijah. The prophet told Obadiah to go back and tell the king that he had come back. Obadiah did not want to do this. He told Elijah how the king had looked for him everywhere but did not find him. Every nation that said Elijah was not with them had to swear an oath. Obadiah feared that if he went to tell the king that Elijah was around and later the spirit of God takes Elijah away, Ahab could put him to death. Elijah assured Obadiah to go tell Ahab of his presence and that he was ready to meet the king. When Ahab finally met Elijah, he described him as “You troubler of Israel” but Elijah denied he was the one troubling Israel. He told Ahab that he was rather the one troubling Israel. Elijah told Ahab to gather all Israel on Mount Carmel including the 450 prophets of Baal and the 400 prophets of Asherah, to determine who is the real God, Yahweh or Baal.


(i)We attract punishment from God when we are unfaithful.

(ii)When God punishes people, it brings hardship upon both the sinner and the innocent.

(iii)God has his own way of solving human problems.

(iv)We should be bold to challenge those who cause suffering to human beings.


The trials before Jewish authorities, the religious trials, showed the degree to which the Jewish leaders hated Him because they carelessly disregarded many of their own laws. There were several illegalities involved in these trials from the perspective of Jewish law: (1) No trial was to be held during feast time. (2) Each member of the court was to vote individually to convict or acquit, but Jesus was convicted by acclamation. (3) If the death penalty was given, a night must pass before the sentence was carried out; however, only a few hours passed before Jesus was placed on the Cross. (4) The Jews had no authority to execute anyone. (5) No trial was to be held at night, but this trial was held before dawn. (6) The accused was to be given counsel or representation, but Jesus had none. (7) The accused was not to be asked self-incriminating questions, but Jesus was asked if He was the Christ.

The trials before the Roman authorities started with Pilate (John 18:23) after Jesus was beaten. The charges brought against Him were very different from the charges in His religious trials. He was charged with inciting people to riot, forbidding the people to pay their taxes, and claiming to be King. Pilate found no reason to kill Jesus so he sent Him to Herod (Luke 23:7). Herod had Jesus ridiculed but, wanting to avoid the political liability, sent Jesus back to Pilate (Luke 23:11–12). This was the last trial as Pilate tried to appease the animosity of the Jews by having Jesus scourged. The Roman scourge was a terrible whipping designed to remove the flesh from the back of the one being punished. In a final effort to have Jesus released, Pilate offered the prisoner Barabbas to be crucified and Jesus released, but to no avail. The crowds called for Barabbas to be released and Jesus to be crucified. Pilate granted their demand and surrendered Jesus to their will (Luke 23:25). The trials of Jesus represent the ultimate mockery of justice. Jesus, the most innocent man in the history of the world, was found guilty of crimes and sentenced to death by crucifixion.


(i) Christ Jesus Died For Our Sins

(ii) Christ Jesus Was Raised For Our Justification

(iii) Christ Jesus Is Interceding For Us

(iv) Christ Jesus Is Now Exalted To The  Right Hand Of GOD.



The prayer is observed in congregation to seek pardon for the deceased and all dead Muslims. The Salat al-Janazah is a collective obligation upon Muslims (farḍ al-kifāya) i.e., if some Muslims take the responsibility of doing it, the obligation is fulfilled, but if no-one fulfils it, then all Muslims will be accountable. Performing the funeral prayer when the body is not present is generally not permitted in the Hanafi and Maliki madhhabs, is permitted in the Hanbali madhhab, and is recommended in the Shafi‘i madhhab.



1- Laqad khalaqnal insaana fee ahsani taqweem
2- Thumma ra dad naahu asfala saafileen
3- Ill-lal lazeena aamanoo wa ‘amilus saalihaati; falahum ajrun ghairu mamnoon
4- Fama yu kaz zibuka b’adu bid deen
5- Alai sal laahu bi-ahkamil haakimeen

1- Verily, We created man of the best stature (mould),
2- Then We reduced him to the lowest of the low,
3- Save those who believe (in Islamic Monotheism) and do righteous deeds, then they shall have a reward without end (Paradise).
4- Then what (or who) causes you (O disbelievers) to deny the Recompense (i.e. Day of Resurrection)?
5- Is not Allah the Best of judges?

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