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Once upon a time in the lad of Tabuluka, there was a boy named Songa. Songa was well behaved and was of transparent honesty. He had a great problem, in that he was an orphan, having lost his father three months before he was born, and the mother six months after he was born. He had faced the problem of lack of care. He withdrew from school at the age of seven when there was nobody to sponsor his education any longer. He had no alternative than to seek for a menial job. He secured a job as a messenger to the king of Tabuluka.

He was diligent in the discharge of his duty to the king. Unlike the rest of the messengers, he was very trustworthy and an embodiment of honesty. To crown it all, he was very handsome but remained very poor. The only solace he had was that he was very much admired by the king and the queen. After working with the king for twenty-five years he was faced with the greatest temptation of his life. By this time he was fully grown up and had learnt a lot through the king’s high chiefs who formed the cabinet. Indeed, it was a monarchy, that is, a government headed by the king. He was sufficiently lettered and could communicate in the language of administration. He had undergone various diplomatic courses. He had been promoted from a messenger to the position of the king’s protocol officer. The promotion was rather very fast considering his background.

Songa had acquired a new status as he had become the cynosure of all eyes. He was loved by the queen but she could not openly tell him. The queen made several attempts with the hope that Songa would sleep with her but he couldn’t get the signal. The queen who had been instrumental to the boy’s rapid promotion formally called Soga and told him how much she loved him due to his level of honesty, diligence and sense of responsibility. She said she would give him as assignment at a later date and failure to carry out such would lead to death. Songa was ready to carry out any assignment provided it was not to kill.

One day when the king was on tours of his vassal states, the queen called Songa, the king’s protocol officer to her bedroom. The queen then locked the door after Songa had entered. Songa was afraid thinking that the queen might use  him for rituals but he had no alternative than to obey. The queen then told Songa her age-long secret love for him and then requested that he sleep with her. Songa couldn’t believe his ears as he struggled to run out of the room. Having noticed Songa’s attempt, the queen raised an alarm to attract the people in the neighborhood. She said that Songa attempted to rape her. Songa had no defense as he was given no time for that. Nobody gave it a second thought. The king arrived from his tour and was told what Songa was up to. The court of the land sentence Songa to death after confirmation by the king. That was how he became a prisoner of conscience.

He was in the prison for another ten years during which his honesty and faith in God waxed stronger than before. He was not deterred by the death sentence. He was loved by all prisoners and warders. Songa was reputed to be a dream translation. He would analyses any dream dreamt by anybody in the prison and beyond. One day the king dreamt a dream and was confused as he didn’t know the significance. The director of prison in the land told the king that there was a prisoner who could analyze the king’s dream. The king vowed to divide his kingdom into two for anyone who could analyze the dream. In no long a time Songa was brought and he absolutely resolved and analyzed the dream. The king was joyful and granted Songa a monarchical amnesty and pardon and was subsequently appointed the Prime Minister of Tabuluka Kingdom. So you see every disappointment is a blessing in disguise.

the friends engages in gold mining

the principle of the mine was each one for himself

poverty informed their decision to engage in that business

the miners were likely to encounter a cave in at the pit and arrest

the kind minding they were engaged in led to soil depletion. It also led to water pollution

(i) metaphor
(ii)it means something that happens quickly

(i) Adverbial clause of time.
(ii) Verbal clause or phrases


(i) Achievers do not give up easily on tasks unlike failures
(ii) Achievers do not lose focus amid difficulty on a particular venture unlike the failure
(iii) Achievers are socially intelligent while failures fumble due to their inability to think rigorously and plan exhaustively
(iv) Achievers are risk takers but failures are usually hesitant

(i) Luck is not paramount to success
(ii) Inheritance can kick-start success but cannot sustain it.

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