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This is marketing question and answer 2024 WAEC. If you're looking for WAEC 2024 marketing or WAEC marketing 2024, This is marketing WAEC 2024 and WAEC  marketing answers 2024

Economics OBJ:







This is actually the 2019 WAEC Marketing Answers Answers as questions sent to our subscribers on WHATSAPP, if you are looking for 2024 WAEC/NECO Answers midnight before the exam, try contacting us.

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Advertising is any form of non-personal communication through the mass media that is paid by an identified sponsor with the target to inform people about an idea, product or service. 

WAEC Marketing Theory Questions & Answers for Paper 2 (Essay). · 1. a. Who is a marketer? · 2. a. What is the market? · 3. State 5 Reason for the

(i) Television
(ii) Newspaper 
(iii) Radio
(iv) Billboard
(v) Internet 
(vi) Magazine 

(i) It is deceptive, in that the product may not actually possess the qualities it purports to have on the media. 
(ii) It manipulates people to spend outside their purchasing will or ambulance. 
(iii) It reduces small business employment. 
(iv) It raises the cost of products and services as the cost of advertising are added up. 
(v) It encourages monopolistic control.


It is obvious that with likely Marketing WAEC Questions and Answers 2024, candidates will be able to perform well in the ongoing Examination. Students who wish

 If you are ready to Answer WAEC Marketing Questions and Expo/runs, all you need is ... WAEC 2019/2024 Marketing Objectives & theory Answers.

Will be a 2-hour paper consisting of six essay questions, out of which candidates will be expected to answer any four for 80 marks. Past questions will

An entrepreneur is an individual who, rather than working as an employee, founds and runs a small business, assuming all the risks and rewards of the venture.

(i)Basic human psychology.
(ii)Listening skills.
(iii)Prospect filtering.
(iv)Strategic positioning.

(i)Establishing a Daily Routine: Many successful entrepreneurs develop, grow and maintain their business in different ways. Even though they have different methods that contribute to their success.
(ii)Exercising: Daily exercise is definitely something that you should include in your routine. Exercise is beneficial for both your physical and mental health, and taking time out of your day to run on a treadmill will boost your productivity.
(iii)Eating a Healthy Diet Food: acts as fuel for your body. What you eat has a significant impact on how you feel throughout the day. It’s important that you maintain a healthy diet if you want to be alert and productive all day long.
(iv)Hiring an Assistant: Most entrepreneurs are on a very tight budget when they get started, and hiring a staff is probably not a viable option. However, you should hire an assistant as soon as your company starts making a profit.
(v)Finding a Mentor: Mentors are extremely beneficial for young entrepreneurs. Even though the world of entrepreneurship may be new to you, there are people who have already gone through what you are going through.


Legit 2024 WAEC MARKETING Answers: marketing question and answers 2024 WAEC: Trusted WAEC 2024 marketing ANswers: How do I get 2024 WAEC Marketing Answers hours or night before the exam? Examplaza sends WAEC MARKETING Answers for 2024 a night to the exam. Visit examplaza.com - Verified WAEC Marketing Question and Answers 2024: How do I get 2024 WAEC Marketing Answers night before the exam?


(iv)Analysing past sales figures/trends to anticipate future product needs.
(v)Devising a merchandise plan using the above techniques.
(vi)Relaying the merchandise plan to the buyer who, in turn, can decide on what products, styles, colours etc


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(i) This era gave rise to marketing departments
(ii) The era gave rise to marketing companies.
(iii) It led the relationship marketing and social media 
(iv )mobile marketing was introduced
(v) The use of technology in marketing

(i) Buying: It involves what to buy, what quality, how much, from whom, when and at what price. People in business buy to increase sales or decrease cost. 
(ii) Selling: This is providing a way to give your customers what he wants. You can sell your product direct to customer or sell it at wholesale price to retailers.
(iii) Storage: It involves the keeping of goods in proper condition from the time they are produced until they are needed by customers. 
(iv) Financing: This refers to how your business will. Obtain the money it needs to start operations and stay operable. 
(v) Transportation: This is the physical means whereby goods are moved from the place where they are produced to where they are needed for consumption. 
(vi) Processing: This involves turning a raw product like wheat into something the consumer can use. Eg bread 
(vii) Promoting: A product or service is useless to your business if no one knows about it


Read WAEC Marketing past Questions and Answers 2024 for free including the theory and Objective questions. WASSCE marketing Examination

Here on this page is the marketing objective answers for waec questions 2024. Marketing OBJ: 1-10: DCAADBADCA. 11-20: ADCABAACBB. 21-30: BCCACCADAC.

(i) Product concept: This is a marketing concept that assumes that customers will favour those products that offer the most quality for the price and therefore it is paramount for companies and industries to produce quality products. Customers will always go for quality brands and products as it is easy for them to distinguish them. 
(ii) Selling concept: Selling concept ensures that once a product is produced, it is backed up by some strategies on how to make it sell. For instance advertising and personal selling methods are used hence any strategy that will beat the competition in the market is adopted. 
(iii) Production concept: This focuses on the idea that's firm should focus more on those products that it can produce more efficiently; and as well the production of low-cost products. The concept focuses more on the ability to produces and less on the customer's satisfaction, it assumes that customers will favour those products that are available and affordable. Hence, the major focus is production and distribution. 
(iv) Social Marketing concept : This concept ensures that for a company to only focus on exchange relationship with customers might not be to sustain long term success. Hence, the strategy works to deliver values to customers in a way to improve the customer's and societal well-being. Hence, social and ethical considerations are maintained in production. 

(i) Initial price of product = N4000
Selling price = N6000
Mark up = N6000 - N4000 = N2000


(iii) Percentage markup on selling price = 
Mark up/selling price × 100/1
= 2000/6000 × 100/1

WAEC 2024 marketing: How do I get 2024 WAEC Marketing Answers hours or night before the exam? Examplaza sends WAEC MARKETING Answers for 2024 a night to the exam. Visit examplaza.com

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WAEC Marketing Answers 2024 Loading…. 1. The performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer is. A

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Legit 2021 WAEC MARKETING Answers: marketing question and answers 2021 WAEC?

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This is marketing past question and answer 2021 WAEC. If you're looking for WAEC 2021 marketing or WAEC marketing 2021, This is marketing WAEC 2021 and WAEC marketing answers 2021

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