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Ogaba Esther Says:
my name is Ogaba Esther, I used examplaza for Jamb in 2018, my score was 274
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Ezie Says:
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Obinna Ifeoma Says:
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Chinedu Says:
I scored 292
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Ifejirika Michael Says:
my name is Ifejirika Michael, I used expodaddy for Jamb in 2016, I got 267
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ngene Says:
Their answers is clear and easy to memorize
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Nsikan Says:
They are reliable
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Godspower Says:
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John Abinye Says:
my name is John Abinye, I used expodaddy for Jamb in 2016, I got 268
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Princess zidiri Says:
They are overall runs master
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Nkameme Daniel Says:
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Chinasa Says:
I scored 276
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Angel Says:
my name is Angel, I got addmission in Bukar Abba Ibrahim University (YSU) I scored 273 last year thanks to expodaddy
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Anaelechi Chinaza Says:
Trusted site
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Kenne Says:
I think examplaza deserves a awesome celebration
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Nzubechi Says:
I scored 295
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Egitanghan Florence Says:
I love expodaddy.com
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Juliet Says:
I scored 248
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Akpoghene Says:
I got addmitted to Ladoke Akintola University of Technology I scored 251 thanks to expodaddy
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Igweanuba Ejieta Says:
am Igweanuba Ejieta, I used examplaza for Jamb in 2017, I got 264
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Rosemary Says:
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kadilo Says:
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ephen Erekosima Says:
I told my friends to test and they did and got a clean sheet
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Stella Says:
I scored 255
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Akaninwo Ugochukwu Says:
Am Akaninwo Ugochukwu, I used examplaza.com for Jamb in 2018, I got 310
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Dagogo Says:
I scored 315
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chuku Says:
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Awongo Says:
I scored 277
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Samuel Okafor Says:
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Chigozie Says:
I scored 285
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Kingsley Says:
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Emmanuel Says:
I tried just for once and I saw they are real and trusted
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Okoro Says:
I scored 311
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Uchechukwu Says:
I scored 307
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christian Says:
If you need Smashing your papers come to expodaddy
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Atisi Says:
am a happiest person. You guys made me proud
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Soibi Says:
God bless you guys
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Douglas Rodamini Says:
I used examplaza for waec in 2018 and I got 7B
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Enoch Ekenedilichukwu Says:
God bless expodaddy
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Atuwosi Patrick Says:
Am Atuwosi Patrick, I used expodaddy for Jamb in 2018, I got 243
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Enwereji Jemima Says:
am Enwereji Jemima, I used expodaddy for Jamb in 2017, I got 250
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Ijeoma Says:
am a happiest person. You guys made me proud
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Alioha Kanayo Says:
I used examplaza for waec in 2018 and I got 7B
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