How to Own exam runs website like and make money

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Our 2021 WAEC Expo Subscription for answers supply ends by Sunday Night. Note: we don't accept calls.

This is the easiest way to make money online by becoming an exam runs website owner. If you are looking for a way to become a C.E.O of a website like, this is for you. See the benefits below.



  • is an example of our partner site and that's exactly how your site will look like.


  • Below is how your admin dashboard looks like (very simple and easy to a novice)


  • If you would like to own a site like that, contact us immediately.




  • We shall teach you how to get your first 1000+ candidates in a few weeks without stress after setting up your site.


  • You don't need to worry yourself about uploading answers for your candidates nor sending them pins... 


  • We shall be sending your candidates the subject pins (with the name of your site as the sender) and you can view all your pins from your admin dashboard.


  • We shall be uploading the answers for your candidates. Just focus only on confirming their payments and uploading your subscriber's subscription details on your website so that they will be able to confirm their subscriptions on your site and get your pins. That's all.


  • Everything can be done on any mobile phone... No need for Laptop but if you have a laptop, more money to your account.


  •  You will only be paying for our VIP package before each any of the exams... That's all.


  • You will have admin access to edit anything on the site both prices, phone number, zoracoin username (if you want to make extra money through referrals), WhatsApp group links etc. Anything on the site can be edited from your admin dashboard @


  • Eg:


  • We shall rank your website on Google front page. You know what it means.


  • We shall teach you how to convert recharge card to cash because you will be expecting not less than a million naira worth of recharge cards on daily subscriptions... So you can easily convert it to money.


  • You're guaranteed of making not less than a million naira at the end of any exams for the start.


  • This is limited, we don't need many people... Contact me right now so we can set your website up for you in less than 24hours.


the prices below are a bonanza price... will increase soon.

If you want .com domain like, the price is ₦35,000. If you want to buy your domain by yourself, the price is ₦30,000


If you want it on domain like the ₦30,000. If you want to buy your domain by yourself, the price is ₦25,000


If you want it on subdomain like ₦10,000 but this is not advisable because for some reasons


Extra ₦5,000 if you want an Android app for your website. 


Contact me on 08108515604 on if you want us to set up the website for you in less than 24hours.



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