How to subscribe for either waec or Jamb free of charge using other peoples money.

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Chat us on WhatsApp now …. JAMB CBT Subscription is on. 7K if you pay today or tomorrow... Subscribe now... Also note that Our 2023 JAMB Midnight Answers Subscription ends on Fri 24th Mar 2023. Note: we don't accept calls. Please, we beg you in the name of God, do all your daily subscriptions AT LEAST a day before the exam, we may not have time to attend to you for daily subscriptions on the exam day. This is, we source other websites.
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How to subscribe for either waec or Jamb free of charge using other peoples money.

We are a body that considers everyone. We receive large number of messages of candidates telling u that they have been hearing much good about our examplaza but they can't subscribe because of the financial difficulties that they are facing, because of this we have build a plateform that will enabling such candidates to subscribe using their fellow candidates money not only that, a plateform that we get them employed for life and that they can earn leaving through it.

How Can you subscribe using other candidate's money?

Is all about being smart. Any rich man you are hearing about becomes rich using other people's money.

If you want to subscribe with us and you don't have the capital to do that, this is what you should do, it is a very simple trick. All you need is to partner with us.

How do I start partnering with as a starter?

Create an agent account using this link:

After creating an account, start approaching your follow candidates and start convincing them the need to subscribe with for best result.

You can tell them that you have used the platform before and it was awesome,

if the person knows that you have not written any exam before, tell them that you have been hearing much good about that the reason why you haven't subscribed yet is because of money, that any money that enters your hand now that you will kukuma transfer it to Sir Onuwa the C.E.O of

It doesn't matter if you have used the platform before, all matters is that they get satisfied with our exam runs services that's all.  

Is all about being smart, you can use every tactics to convince them to subscribe with  

You can Read from on how our exam runs works so that you can educate them on that.

whenever anyone whom you convinced contacted us and finally completed his/her payment, kindly login and post the details using this link:  you can view this page after signing up and loging   in. If we confirm the payment, we take some percentage of the payment he or she made to your wallet.

You should keep doing this until your wallet balance is equivalent to the price of the subscription you want to make.  Only 2 or 3 people is okay for your subscription.

You can order us to use the money in your wallet to subscribe you for a the exam you with to subscribe.

With this you are our full candidate and if you have any other money in your wallet after this, it will be deposited in your account.

Once we receive any details from you, we will verify the details and credit your account as you receive a credit alert.

Have you see how to subscribe using other people's money and still get employed? So enjoy this program.

Thank you!

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