JAMB Exam Myths Debunked: Separating Fact from Fiction

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JAMB Exam Myths Debunked: Separating Fact from Fiction. See details below

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exam is a crucial test for students looking to gain admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria. With its importance, a lot of myths and misconceptions have been created about the exam, leading to anxiety and confusion among students. In this article, we will debunk some of the most common myths surrounding the JAMB exam and provide you with the facts.

Myth 1: JAMB is a Pass or Fail Exam Fact: JAMB is not a pass or fail exam. Each subject in the JAMB exam is scored out of a maximum of 100 marks, and the overall score is the sum of the scores obtained in the four subjects. Different tertiary institutions have different cut-off marks, and admission into these institutions is based on the candidate's score and the cut-off mark of the institution. Hence, it is not a pass or fail exam.

Myth 2: JAMB is Only for Science Students Fact: JAMB is not just for science students. Students from all fields of study, including arts and social sciences, are required to take the JAMB exam. The subjects required for the JAMB exam include English language, mathematics, and two other subjects relevant to the course of study.

Myth 3: JAMB Questions are Repeated Every Year Fact: While some questions in JAMB may be similar to previous years, it is not true that JAMB questions are repeated every year. JAMB sets new questions each year to ensure that the exam remains relevant and challenging. It is important to note that JAMB syllabus is vast, and it is impossible to cover all the topics in a year.

Myth 4: JAMB Questions are Designed to Trick Students Fact: JAMB questions are not designed to trick students. The questions are designed to test the knowledge and understanding of the candidate. The JAMB exam is not meant to be a guessing game, and candidates are advised to prepare adequately by studying the recommended textbooks and past questions.

Myth 5: JAMB Exam is Extremely Difficult Fact: The JAMB exam is challenging, but it is not extremely difficult. The difficulty of the exam depends on the level of preparation of the candidate. Adequate preparation and practice can make the exam seem less difficult. Candidates are advised to follow a study plan, practice past questions, and seek guidance from teachers and mentors.

Myth 6: JAMB Exam is All about Memorization Fact: While there are some facts and figures that need to be memorized, the JAMB exam is not all about memorization. The exam tests the candidate's ability to understand and apply concepts. It is important to study the recommended textbooks, understand the concepts, and practice applying them.

Myth 7: JAMB Exam is All about Speed Fact: While time management is crucial in the JAMB exam, it is not all about speed. Candidates are advised to read the questions carefully and answer them correctly. It is better to answer fewer questions correctly than to answer more questions incorrectly.

Myth 8: JAMB Exam is the Only Factor in Admission Fact: JAMB score is an important factor in admission, but it is not the only factor. Other factors such as O'level results, post-UTME scores, and catchment area are also considered. Candidates are advised to perform well in all aspects of the admission process.

In conclusion, the JAMB exam is an important exam especially if you want to gain admission into any institution in Nigeria.

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