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Agricultural Science 3 (Alternative to Practical Work) 1hr 30mins 3:00 pm 4:30 pm

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Adult female gorillas being patient and loving while nurturing their young ones and being over protective of their young ones. As human mothers do.

the spend hours on end to ensure grooming is done properly. This establish social bond amongst them Just like humans do.

Leadership:- the silver back leads the troops, tells them when to eat, sleep, rest etc. He also resolves conflicts amongst the troop.

Defence:- he protects the troops against all forms of danger and predators.

The comparises of the silverback(leader), several younger males called blackbacks and females with there offsprings.

The indulge in rough plays.

The importance of grooming to them is that its a time the socialize amongst themselves.

Adjectival phrase

it's qualified the noun leader

The nurture them and are willing to step up a fight for them

(i)fascinating -interesting
(ii)conflicts - disputes
(iii) predators - attacks
(iv) nurturing - Nursing
(v) forged - imitated
(vi) bonds - unions

(i)The fundamental human rights of the children in Nigeria are fully protected by the law and its enforcer
(ii)Due to poverty the parents sees abusing children as a source of income
(iii)The quest of every citizen to be rich either by nook or crook

(i)Child abuse can be eradicated by getting modern technologies like washing machine to perform house chores rather than children.
(ii)Child abuse can be eradicated by one learning how to do some house chores ourselves
(iii)Child abuse can be eradicated by hiring a cleaning person to come into our homes once in a weak to help with some chores

The need to empower youth for a better tomorrow is connected both, to the financial elevation as well as increment of the standard of living. Awareness is a key factor for this empowerment, with guidance towards developing a wholesome outlook of life. Youth empowerment in any development is imperative not only for national development of an entire country but also for personal development of an individual. Youth empowerment is pursued by promoting youth rights, youth activism and in community decision making. Empowerment is necessarily a process of inculcating values to equip the learner lead a life that is satisfying to the individual while being in accordance with the cherished values and ideals of the society. At present it is the most effective mean that society possesses
for confronting the challenges of the future.
-Here are a few reasons why Youth Empowerment is essential-

(i)Poverty eradication: Youth empowerment can help reduce the rate of poverty to a significant level. One of the keys to empowering the youth is with skill development. When a youth is equipped with essential skills, he can utilize them to feed, assist others, and even invest for future use, aiding the nation economically. This will in-turncontribute to the increase in employability and add to the GDP of the nation.

(ii)Good education standard:Empowerment can help youth to understand the importance of education that leads to social improvement of the country. When a youth is empowered, he understands the importance of education and helps uplift the sector, integral for a developing nation such as India. Such empowered youth can donate educational facilities to primary,secondary and even totertiary institutions. Today, India lacks the proper infrastructure for education, which can easily be brought into existence only through empowerment.

(iii)Crime reduction: Empowerment ensures that youth has the necessary skill to sustain a livelihood, preventing him to adopt the path of crime. Presently, a lot has been spent in the name of fighting crime without understanding that crime affects the youth in an intrinsic level. It is easy for a young impressionable mind to get waylaid and get entrapped in anti-social activities because he was not empowered morally, academically as well as financially. There are serious social and economic consequences associated with not addressing the youth who is at the risk of negative circumstances not only for the youth himself and his family, but also for the society at large.

In today’s day and age, young minds should have access to resources to transform their consciousness through their beliefs, values, and attitudes. Then only can we believe in making our nation “shine”, even in times of adversity.
[50 MARKS]

You are required to answer only one question from this seotion. Your answer should not be les than 450 words. All questions carry equal marks. You are advised to spend about 45 minutes on this section.

1.Write an article suitable for publication in a national daily on the need tor govermiment to empower youths in the country to be self-reliant.

2.Write a story that ends with the expression: Since that day, I began to pay more attention in class.

3.You are a chief speaker in a debate on the topic; The youths of Today are more Hard-working than their Forefathers. Write your argument for or against the motion.

4.The available sports facilities in your school are being over-stretched due to an increase in the students population. Write a letter to the chairman of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) of your school, requesting for support to provide more sports facilities in the school.

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