Refund Policy and Insurance

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Our 2021 NECO Expo Subscription for answers supply ends by Sunday Night. Note: we don't accept calls.

Refund Policy and Insurance

NOTE: if you subscribe lately, you will observe that if you ask us "How 2021 Jamb runs will be?', our responds is always, "it is 100% guaranteed, legit e.t.c", but the truth of the matter is that since 2018 - 2019 especially 2019, Jamb runs becomes 50/50 since Jamb went extra miles in securing their server from hackers like us. It doesn't mean that we weren't succeeding because in 2018, we still delivered to about 80% of our candidates and in 2019 about 40%. We are telling you that 2021 Jamb is not 100% because from 2010 till 2017, we delivered up to 100% of our candidates so if we become unable to deliver to exactly 100%, it has become 50/50 because even if it is 99%, who knows if you will be among the 1% that won't be lucky.

We were once telling people who contacted us earlier that 2021 Jamb runs is not 100% guaranteed therefore if they are to subscribe, they have to agree to the terms and we discovered that about 95% of the people whom we told the simple truth thought that we are simply incapable because of some other people who are deceiving them, they went elsewhere and subscribe, so in order to prevent candidates from engaging with people who will devour their money and block them a day to the exam, we decided not to tell anyone that 2021 Jamb runs is not 100% guaranteed so that they will give us the money they would have given to scammers, if it didn't work for them, they get part of the money back or they use if for WAEC, NECO or GCE runs which are till 1000% legit.

Can you Imagine? a day to the day we stop telling candidates that it may or may not work, we covered over 1000 subscribers, that's to tell you the number of candidates that has patronized people who won't tell them the simple truth because of money.

Here are the reasons why we collect your account details for a refund and what we published for people earlier before they thought that we are incapable:  

We do not assure you that we must deliver in the 2021 Jamb Exam.

If you want to subscribe, it is at your own risk because, for the past two years, Jamb tightened their server and we regret to inform you that we disappointed over 60% of our candidates last year and 20% last two years.

No one knows how 2021 Jamb will look, We have been making effort to see that the Runs is a success, so, therefore, its possibility is under probability but if I were you I will subscribe so that I will be on the safer side.

Our 2021 Jamb Subscription is Refundable, Once you pay, if it didn't work out as planned, we shall refund you part of your payment or you use the money for any of our other services. If it didn't work, part of the money you paid is still yours.

We are giving you a 101% guarantee that if 2021 Jamb Runs Works in Nigeria, and you are our subscriber, you are going to get all your answers before time and we must verify before we send.

If 2021 Jamb Runs didn't work for,  NO OTHER SITE IN NIGERIA IT WILL WORK FOR, So our advice is that if you can't subscribe with us or you have already subscribed with us,  PLEASE DO NOT LAVISH YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY ON THE SITES OR ON INDIVIDUALS THAT WILL NOT TELL YOU THIS SIMPLE TRUTH I MADE BARE TO YOU ABOVE.

It is  Obvious that Nigerians hate people telling them the simple truth that I just told now, but that will not prevent me from saying the truth.   No other person will tell you this if not only that's one of the reasons we remain the best for the past years

People will tell you all sorts of lies in order to convince you to subscribe with them, please don't fall, victim, I repeat don't fall victim. They are all scammers.

We made 2021 Jamb CBT Runs 80% Cheaper so as we decided to use our own money to subsidize it for you and we use our own money to run insurance per our candidates.

If the 2021 Jamb Cbt Exam works for us as it worked between 2005 to 2017, we assure you of scoring between 250 - 350 if you use exactly what we shall send to you.  

We collect our subscribers account details so that if the 2021 Jamb runs didn't work as planned because there is no 100% guarantee, we can be able to do refund to all our subscribers. Please, I BEG YOU, if you have already subscribed with, NO NEED OF subscribing elsewhere because some people will go and lavish their hard-earned money elsewhere thinking that we are incapable. Examplaza is the Father and Mother of exam runs in Nigeria, therefore we are the only secure site you can subscribe with. If Jamb runs didn't work from our side, NO OTHER SITE IT WILL WORK FOR, the reason is that we supply all the exam runs sites in Nigeria answers. We are the source, so in a situation where nothing is coming out from the source, there is no magic they can do.

Our refund is only for Jamb CBT and no other exam. Other Exams are 1000% guaranteed so there is no form of refund for them. If after your jamb exam it didn't go well, no panic, relax you will get your money back to the account you will provide us within your dashboard as we shall keep praying to God for him to show you mercy in your result. I believe Miracle is real, because I, the C.E.O of examplaza has experienced uncountable number of miracles from God, even the things that seems impossible before the eyes of men, so you should not loose hope, just try and get up to the cut-off mark if the runs didn't work for you, I pray God will crown your little effort with great success. I am into this not primarily because of the money coming from it, but my mission on earth is to make people who come across me very happy. If you know me in person, you will know that money is never my problem.

Does it mean that Jamb Runs won't work this year?

I didn't say so but I am saying all these because the guarantee is only 60%, the remaining 40% makes it be 50/50.

so the only preparation you will need more after subscribing with us is to study the much you can, pray, relax and leave the rest for us and for God Almighty.

We have already spent N10,000,000+ to see that 2021 Jamb Runs is a success, and we believe that our effort will be crown with maximum success. So do your own part and relax your mind, we pray that everything will work smoothly. The insurance covers your subscription if you have already subscribed, if you haven't yet, proceed now and subscribe with us.



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