2020 free neco animal husbandry answers
2020 free neco animal husbandry answers

H - Tilapia fish
I - Yam peels
J - Snail Shells

H - Protein
I - Carbonhydrate
J - Mineral salt(calcium)

Specimen H
(i) Soft beak in poultry
(ii) Crack of egg shell
(iii) Rickets

Specimen J
(ii)crack of egg shell
(iii)soft beak in poultry

Specimen I
(i) Feed in dried form
(ii) Feed in grounded form

Specimen I
(i) Potato peels
(ii) Maize grain

Specimen J
(i) Bone meal
(ii) Egg shell

H - Poultry
I - Goat

D-Feather of fowl
E-Skin of Cattle
F-Animal kidney

D- Aves 
G- Mammal

Specimen D 
(i) It can be used for making hand fan
(ii) It is used for production ratio because its high content of calcium

Specimen G
(i) It is used for making musical instruments
(ii) It is used for interior and exterior decoration

(i) Tick
(ii) Lice

Specimen D
(i) It keeps them warm
(ii) It is use for flight

Specimen E
(i)It maintains homeostasis in the body
(ii) It protects the body from physical damages and bacterial in vision

Specimen F
(i) Detoxication
(ii) Excretion

Specimen G
(i) They are used in defending themselves against enemies
(ii) The blood vessels in the bony core allow the horns to function well



A- Tick

B- Fresh egg

C- Fresh milk





(i)Dipping or spraying with acaricides

(ii)Dipping precautions on farm







(i)Milk Breed: This types of cattle breed become highly milk productive. Some famous milk productive cattle breeds are holstein friesian, sahiwal, jersey, red sindhi, brown swiss, ayrshire etc.

(ii)Beef Breed: This breeds are very famous for their meat production. Highly meat productive cattle breeds are angus, beefmaster, brahman, devon, shorthorn, hallikar etc.


(i) Diabetes

(ii) Cancer

(i) The smell of the milk
(ii) The color of the milk

(i) Vaccination
(ii) Proper feeding

(i) He should change the form of the calcium supplement
(ii) He should increase the dietary content of calcium

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