Fishery Neco 2020 free
Fishery Neco 2020 free
A - Wheelbarrow
B - Spade
C - Cutlass
D - Mattock
E - Axe
F - Peg

Draw a Spade

A - For carrying of farm produce
B - It used to break up lumps in the soil
C - For clearing bush
D - It is used for digging the soil
E - It is used for chopping or splitting objects, such as tree limbs or logs
F - It is used to indicate points and positions of a site

(i) They both have metal part
(ii) They both have handles

(i) Sharpen if necessary before and after use. Sharp tools make work easy
(ii) Metal parts should be oiled or greased to prevent rusting
(iii) Wooden handles should be well set, strong and durable if defective they should replaced

(i) Ability to carry out lots of fish when transporting to another pond
(ii) Easy carrying of fishing equipments
(iii) For bulk transportation of fish feeds


G - Hook and Line
H - Drag net
I - Fishing basket
J - Traw net
K - Knife

Draw a Hook and Line

Specimen I 
(i) It is used for carrying fish or blocks of peat
(ii) It is used to catch lobsters and other crustaceans

Specimen K
(i) Cutting of fish
(ii) Removal of fish scales

(i) The both is used for fish harvesting
(ii) They both have net
(iii) They both have sinker

(i) Wash before use
(ii) Keep out of reach of children
(iii) Apply grease to metal part before a long storage


L - Grinding machine
M - Mixing machine
N - Soyabean meal
O - Maize meal
P - Bone meal
Q - Wheat meal

L - It is used to grind all kinds of fish feed raw materials
M - For mixing fish feeds

(i) Clean properly
(ii) Keep out of moist
(iii) Lubricate to avoid rusting
(iv) Replace damaged part
(v) Avoid being handle by an ammatuer

Specimen N
(i) rapeseed
(ii) corn 

Specimen O
(i) Cassava flour
(ii) Dried sweet potato peels

Specimen P
(i) shell 
(ii) limestone meal

(i) Check tool holder and grinding head for cracks or other visible damage. Replace any damaged parts
(ii) Clean properly
(iii) Keep out of moist
(iv) Lubricate to avoid rusting
(v) Check the tooling for uneven or abnormal wear

By storing in an inert atmosphere