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She is the 14 year old daughter of Maa Tsuru and sister to the deceased Baby T. she stopped schooling at a very tender age due to lack of finance. She could be termed as the heroine of the novel. Fofo is very outspoken, kind, caring and hardworking. Despite the fact that she is compelled to go onto the streets by the mere presence of Kpakpo, she perseveres by finding a menial job to do. Her life at a point in time is paralyzed by the fear of the thick-set leader Macho and Poison the street lord. It is through the courage of Fofo that the mystery behind baby t’s death is unleashed. After she experiences the harsh ups and downs of a street child, she undergoes rehabilitation.

Fofo is the fourth child of Maa Tsuru. She is fourteen years old and lives on the street. She is a dreamer and would often drift away in her own world of fantasy. She is quite brave and intelligent. She tactfully resists Poison’s rape attempt and disguises as boy to protect herself from further assault by Poison and his gang. Through her character, the reader gets more insight into the circumstances surrounding Baby T’s death. In other words fofo played the role as Maa Tsuru’s last child with Kwei. The mother and her daughter developed a frosty relationship as the former was viewed by the latter as irresponsible. In the early years of Fofo, before Baby T was sent out to live with Maami Broni, there was close affinity between Fofo and her mother. Fofo worked and whatever she earned on the streets she brought it to her mother, just like all the three other children did. This cast Maa Tsuru in a bad light in the eyes of readers, but not in the eyes of her daughter.

This is incompatible with Bigger's frame of reference, which is locked in the present tense.

We provide 2023 WAEC Literature Questions and Answers on Essay, Theory, OBJ midnight before the exam, this is verified & correct WAEC Lit Expo

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